Project ID: 26585

Build Monitor

Package Epel 8
adapta-gtk-theme -
alacarte succeeded
asciinema succeeded
autossh succeeded
bsd-games succeeded
ddcutil failed
desktop-backgrounds succeeded
dmenu succeeded
dumpet succeeded
dunst succeeded
dzen2 succeeded
f29-backgrounds failed
fdupes succeeded
fedora-packager succeeded
festival succeeded
geany succeeded
git-crypt succeeded
gtkd succeeded
gtk-murrine-engine succeeded
gtk-v4l succeeded
hfsplus-tools succeeded
humanity-icon-theme succeeded
i3 succeeded
i3-ipc succeeded
i3lock succeeded
i3status succeeded
icewm -
ifuse succeeded
jc failed
kid3 -
ldc failed
libdiscid succeeded
libimobiledevice succeeded
libnatpmp succeeded
libotr succeeded
libuv succeeded
libwebsockets succeeded
libxdg-basedir succeeded
livecd-tools succeeded
lsyncd succeeded
mkdocs failed
mosquitto succeeded
numix-gtk-theme -
numix-icon-theme succeeded
obconf succeeded
obs-v4l2sink succeeded
openbox succeeded
openbox-theme-mistral-thin succeeded
openbox-theme-mistral-thin-dark succeeded
pcsc-lite-acsccid succeeded
perl-AnyEvent-I3 succeeded
pgpdump succeeded
pidgin-otr succeeded
powerline succeeded
pycairo -
pygobject2 -
pygobject3 -
pylast -
pyotherside succeeded
python-configparser succeeded
python-psutil succeeded
python-scour succeeded
python-xpyb -
restic failed
rsnapshot succeeded
rubygem-listen -
rubygem-sass -
simple-scan succeeded
sound-juicer succeeded
sshuttle succeeded
terminator -
thinkfan succeeded
throttled succeeded
thunderbird -
thunderbird-enigmail succeeded
tilix succeeded
tint2 succeeded
transmission succeeded
v4l-utils -
wireless-tools succeeded
xcb-util-cursor succeeded
xcb-util-xrm succeeded
xmlstarlet succeeded
yaru-theme failed
yubikey-manager succeeded
yubikey-manager-qt succeeded
yubikey-personalization-gui failed
yubikey-val succeeded
yubioath-desktop succeeded
zabbix-cli succeeded
Possible build states importing - Package sources are being imported into Copr DistGit.
pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package was skipped, see the reason for each chroot separately.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.