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This repo contains gnome-shell and mutter builds based on the official Fedora ones with some additional patches (mainly to improve performance). Currently, the following patches are added in:

Fedora 30


Note: These builds contain support for experimental real-time scheduling to reduce stuttering. To enable this feature run dconf write /org/gnome/mutter/experimental-features '["rt-scheduler"]' and reboot your machine. This only works for Wayland sessions.

  • Enable LTO
  • !189 "Geometric (OpenGL-less) picking" @bfdf54fa
  • !281 "clutter/stage-cogl: Reschedule update on present" @4faeb127
  • !283 "clutter-actor: Add detail to captured-event signal" @a20a0d7a
  • !454 "cogl: Enable EGL_IMG_context_priority" @49675a41
  • !460 "Set SCHED_RR on gnome-shell process" @b2f6d46f
  • !520 "clutter/stage-cogl: Don't skip over the next frame" @45244852
  • !568 "compositor: Don't emit size-changed when only position changes" @00d8337d
  • !575 "Honour CLUTTER_ACTOR_NO_LAYOUT more efficiently" @aa8ba193 (manually rebased)
  • !576 "Lists free cleanups" @f7ecf3b6
  • !600 "Fix background texture corruption when resuming from suspend on Nvidia" @8b5060fe
  • !602 "cogl: Remove GLX "threaded swap wait" used on Nvidia" @88ee2f51
  • !677 "clutter: Defer actor allocations till shown" @0eab73dc


  • Enable LTO
  • !136 "Fix and polish the window overlays of the overview" @39c8c9ac
  • !276 "js/ui: Use captured-event::nonmotion" @297a18f2 (manually rebased)
  • !505
  • Set CAP_SYS_NICE capability on gnome-shell binary to allow using real-time scheduling

Fedora 31

  • LTO
  • Patch: Sync timelines to hardware vsync
  • Patch: Honour CLUTTER_ACTOR_NO_LAYOUT more efficiently

Installation Instructions

sudo dnf copr enable atim/gnome-with-safe-patches -y sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

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