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awesome-vim-colorschemes 0-7.20191209gitb5037cb.fc31 9 months ago succeeded Disabled -
vim-airline 0.10-5.20191011git297ca3d.fc31 1 year, 18 days ago succeeded Disabled -
vim-devicons 0.11.0-1.20191110gite3e6aa1.fc31 10 months ago succeeded Disabled -
vim-gitgutter 0-2.20191015git5c73edb.fc31 1 year, 15 days ago succeeded Disabled -
vim-gv 0-3.20191207gitf12b8b8.fc31 10 months ago succeeded Disabled -
vim-nerdtree-git-plugin 0-1.20191024gitf522a09.fc31 10 months ago succeeded Disabled -
vim-pathogen 0-2.20181213gite9fb091.fc31 1 year, 15 days ago succeeded Disabled -
vim-trailing-whitespace 1.0-1.20191209git6b7cdec.fc32 4 months ago succeeded Disabled -
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