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Hierarchical note taking application.

This is a stop-gap since cherrytree was removed from F31 but is a python2 application that upstream is rewriting in C++.

The old python2 version will not work on Fedora 32 and beyond due to missing dependencies that quickly became more work than I was willing to take on. The C++ rewrite is available as cherrytree-future for now. I intend to bring that into the official repos when upstream is ready to call it released.

Installation Instructions

To install, enable this COPR repo: sudo dnf copr enable bcotton/cherrytree

Then install cherrytree: sudo dnf install cherrytree

Or! Install cherrytree-future (available on F32 and beyond. Older builds are available for F31, see comments below): sudo dnf install cherrytree-future

For questions or help, file an issue on GitHub or comment on the Discussion thread

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

Release Architectures Repo Download
Fedora 38 aarch64 (65)*, ppc64le (40)*, s390x (10)*, x86_64 (4641)* Fedora 38 (563 downloads)
Fedora 39 aarch64 (26)*, ppc64le (34)*, s390x (4)*, x86_64 (2564)* Fedora 39 (475 downloads)
Fedora 40 aarch64 (6)*, ppc64le (6)*, s390x (0)*, x86_64 (315)* Fedora 40 (54 downloads)
Fedora rawhide aarch64 (44)*, ppc64le (45)*, s390x (11)*, x86_64 (97)* Fedora rawhide (546 downloads)

* Total number of downloaded packages.