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RPM package for v4l2sink OBS plugin

Installation Instructions


Enable RPM Fusion for OBS Studio

If you haven't yet installed OBS, the RPM will do it for you. However, RPM Fusion need to be installed: For Fedora 32:

$ sudo dnf install -y

Enable repo

$ sudo dnf copr enable bluesman/obs-v4l2sink

Install package

After you enable the copr repo and RPM Fusion, install the RPM package that should resolve all dependencies installing thus v4l2loopback driver from copr/sentry and obs-studio from rpmfusion.

Make sure you have latest kernel installed or verify you have kernel-devel package for your kernel version. The kernel-devel package is resolved from @updates

$ sudo dnf install --nogpgcheck obs-v4l2sink


Load module for virtual cam

$ sudo modprobe v4l2loopback video_nr=42 card_label="obs-cam" exclusive_caps=1
  • Start OBS->Tools->v4l2sink
  • Select device /dev/video42
  • Press Start

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