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hunspell-fr 7.0 (French)

The hunspell -fr v7.0 source files provide 3 spelling alternatives:

  1. classique
  2. reforme1990
  3. toutesvariantes

However Fedora only actually installs the toutesvariantes variant and creates a symlink to all the French locales: fr_FR, fr_CA, fr_BE etc.

This version of hunspell-fr installs all 3 spelling variants and incorporates the altenatives utility allowing the user to not only select between the variants but also select a diffrent spelling variant for each French language locale.

NOTE: The current version of hunspell-fr in Fedora 36 is 6.2. This version also provides a 'moderne' varant. This seems to be an arbitrary subset of toutesvariantes incorporating some of the less controversial changes from reforme1990 with classique. It was removed in v7.0.

Installation Instructions

Use the alternatives command to select the spelling variant.

allternatives --config hunspell-fr_CA

You will be presented with a list to choose the spelling variant for that locale:

There are 3 programs which provide 'hunspell-fr_CA'. Selection Command ----------------------------------------------- *+ 1 /usr/share/hunspell/fr-toutesvariantes.dic 2 /usr/share/hunspell/fr-classique.dic 3 /usr/share/hunspell/fr-reforme1990.dic


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