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Only use this if you have a specific reason for wanting to run conky 1.10.x on F23. For example, if you want to use conky settings in the 1.10.x format (from a distro currently on 1.10.x like Debian testing or Arch) in F23 (current repo version 1.9.x) and can't be bothered rewriting them. This is just the F24 package repackaged for F23. Otherwise for most purposes there's no point to this and you should just use the official version. I WILL remove this repo when F23 reaches EOL.

Installation Instructions

If you insist. Install the repo.

dnf update.

dnf install conky-1.10.1-5.20160413git06f87b.fc23.x86_64 [tab to autocomplete]

Active Releases

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