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WARNING: Upstream has made major licensing changes in 1.0.0. This repository is still on 0.8.x and will not be updated to 1.0.0. It is effectively deprecated.

Drone is a continuous delivery system built on container technology. Drone uses a simple YAML configuration file, a superset of docker-compose, to define and execute pipelines inside Docker containers.

Installation Instructions

Instead of following the official installation instructions, you can install drone via RPM using this repository. Once installed, pipelines and plugins still work the same way. You can still get community support, just be clear about the installation method. The drone docker images are still the official supported distribution method.

On the drone server machine:

  1. Install the server package: yum install drone-server
  2. Configure DRONE_HOST and DRONE_SECRET in /etc/drone/server.conf. Review the other settings in this file and configure them as necessary.
  3. Install the integration package for the service you wish to use. For example, to integrate with GitHub: yum install drone-github
  4. Configure the integration in the appropriately named file in /etc/drone/. For example, the GitHub configurations are found in /etc/drone/github.conf.
  5. Enable and start the drone-server service: systemctl enable --now drone-server

On the drone agent machine(s) (can be the same machine as the drone server):

  1. Install the agent package: yum install drone-agent
  2. Configure DRONE_SECRET in /etc/drone/agent.conf to match the server's secret.
  3. Enable and start the multiple instances of the drone-agent service: systemctl enable --now drone-agent@{1..10}

On any machine you want to use as a client:

  1. Install the cli package: yum install drone-cli
  2. Set the environment variables DRONE_SERVER and DRONE_TOKEN.

Active Releases

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