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A number of useful command line tools

Installation Instructions

A number of command line tools based around a common directory library. All should have a -? help option:

addComment - Add function and file headers to C and C++ files. casedir - Change the case of files in a directory. casefile - Change to case of the contents of a file. hexDump - Hex dump the contents of a file. ldir - Directory listing (ls) alternative. lineDraw - Draw a line across the screen. lineNum - Display a text file with line numbers. lines - Count the number of lines in a file. listFunc - List the functions in a C or C++ file. mkTable - Display a comma/other separated file in columns. pfile - Search the path for a file. modcr - Change a text file from and to DOS format. rmCppCmt - Remove C++ comments from a C file. tabSpace - Convert tabs in a text file to and from spaces. xmlParse - Show and validate the contents of an XML file.

Active Releases

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