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Cozy: Simple, Versatile, Yours

Installation Instructions

Put SELinux in permissive mode

setenforce 0

Enable COPR repository

dnf copr enable daftaupe/cozy

Install required packages

dnf install cozy-nsjail cozy-couchdb cozy-stack -y

Start CouchDB and create databases

systemctl start couchdb
curl -X PUT
curl -X PUT
curl -X PUT

Create a pasword

su - cozy -s /bin/bash -c "cozy-stack config passwd /etc/cozy/"

Start cozy-stack

systemctl start cozy-stack

Add an instance

cozy-stack instances add --host --apps drive,photos,collect,settings --passphrase "XXX" mycozy.tld

-> check the doc on the Cozy homepage for Nginx reverse proxy configuration

Active Releases

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