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TMSU is a tool for tagging your files. It provides a simple command-line utility for applying tags and a virtual filesystem to give you a tag-based view of your files from any other program.

TMSU does not alter your files in any way: they remain unchanged on disk, or on the network, wherever your put them. TMSU maintains its own database and you simply gain an additional view, which you can mount where you like, based upon the tags you set up.

This project attempts to package TMSU for Fedora

Installation Instructions

  1. add this copr repository to your configuration
  2. run sudo dnf install TMSU

This should install at least two packages from this repository: golang-github-hanwen-go-fuse and TMSU

The repository also provides the "evermore" package that I developed. Evermore allows to convert an Evernote export (more precisely a NixNote2 export in the nnex format) to an indexed filesystem. See

Active Releases

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