Project ID: 20359


Minimal Graphical IPv4 Ping Tool.

Installation Instructions

Just enable the copr and install cnping.

In case you previously installed cnping by yourself, make sure you uninstall it first (rm /usr/local/bin/cnping).

Usage: cnping [host] [period] [extra size] [y-axis scaling] [window title] (-h) [host] -- domain, IP address of ping target for ICMP or http host, i.e. http://google.com (-p) [period] -- period in seconds (optional), default 0.02 (-s) [extra size] -- ping packet extra size (above 12), optional, default = 0 (-y) [const y-axis scaling] -- use a fixed scaling factor instead of auto scaling (optional) (-t) [window title] -- the title of the window (optional)

If you'd like to see this in the main repository, give me a thumbs up in Github.

For packaging issues contact me via E-Mail: dreua@posteo.de

Upstream issue tracker

SPEC file repository

I can enable builds for epel, mageia and opensuse if someone is interested to test them, just drop me a line.

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