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LeJOS, Java for Lego Mindstorms

leJOS is a firmware replacement for Lego Mindstorms NXT programmable bricks. It includes a Java virtual machine, which allows Lego Mindstorms robots to be programmed in the Java programming language.

It contains a VM for Java bytecodes and additional software to load and run Java programs.

These are some of the features offered:

  • Object oriented language (Java)

  • Preemptive threads (tasks)

  • Arrays, including multi-dimensional ones

  • Recursion

  • Synchronization

  • Exceptions

  • Java types including float, double, long and String

  • Math class

  • Well-documented Robotics API

  • Eclipse plugin

In Fedora lejos-nxj is a meta-package which will install everything needed for leJOS to work smoothly. Smaller setups can be achieved by installing some of the lejos-nxt sub packages.

Fedora request review: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1131019

Installation Instructions

  • Add an appropriate corp repository based on HOWTO

  • Install lejos-nxj package:

    $ su -c 'dnf install lejos-nxj'

  • If you want to access Lego brick through the USB cable, add the current user to the lego group:

    $ current_user=$(whoami) su -c 'usermod -a -G lego $current_user'

  • Logout/login (to make the group assignment take effect).

  • Read the tutorial:

    $ xdg-open /usr/share/doc/lejos-nxj/tutorial/index.htm

  • Launch the eclipse (and start programming):

    $ eclipse

More information can be found on the:

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