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The latest long-term support Linux kernels for Fedora. This provides a long-term and stable kernel that has additional back-ports from Fedora and the ACS override patch for experimental PCI-passthrough on unsupported motherboards.

Installation Instructions

Enable this repository.

$ sudo dnf copr enable ekultails/fedora_kernel_lts

Install some or all of the LTS kernel related packages.

$ sudo dnf --repo="ekultails-fedora_kernel_lts" downgrade kernel kernel-core kernel-devel kernel-headers kernel-modules kernel-modules-extra

Update the Fedora kernel LTS packages for new releases.

$ sudo dnf --repo="ekultails-fedora_kernel_lts" update kernel*

Optionally configure the Fedora updates repository to ignore kernel packages so they will only come from the fedora_kernel_lts repository.

$ sudo ansible -m ini_file -a "path=/etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates.repo section=updates option=excludepkgs value=kernel*" localhost

Note: Packages for the 4.19 kernel tools ( kernel-tools kernel-tools-libs kernel-tools-libs-devel) are now handled by a separate RPM spec found here.

Active Releases

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