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Provides systemd-resolved and docker DNS integration.

A DNS server is configured to listen on each docker interface's IP address. This is used to:

  1. allows containers to be referenced by hostname by adding the created DNS servers to the docker interface using the systemd-resolved D-Bus API.
  2. expose the systemd-resolved DNS service ( to docker containers by proxying DNS requests, which doesn't work by default due to the differing network namespaces.

Installation Instructions

  1. Enabled the COPR repository

    dnf copr enable flaktack/systemd-resolved-docker
  2. Install the package

    dnf install systemd-resolved-docker
  3. Start and optionally enable the service

    systemctl start systemd-resolved-docker systemctl enable systemd-resolved-docker
  4. Docker should be updated to use the DNS server provided by systemd-docker-resolved. This may be done globally by editing the docker daemon's configuration (daemon.json) or per-container using the --dns flag.

    "dns": [ "" // docker0 interface's IP address ]
  5. NetworkManager may reset the docker interface's configuration for systemd-resolved. If that happens than the interface needs to be unmanaged. This may be done by creating a /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/99-docker.conf:

    [main] plugins=keyfile [keyfile] unmanaged-devices=interface-name:docker0

See Configuration for detailed instructions.

Active Releases

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