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The Rofi window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement. It is a must have for i3 users, actually surprised it is not in the official repos.

I am not sure how long I can maintain this, but https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:fusion809/rofi is where I originally packaged this package, if I am still maintaining it you will see it there more often than you see my updates here.

If I am not maintaining it any more and you want it, it shouldn't be too challenging to build the latest version yourself. Merely download the SRPM, decompress it (e.g. with bsdtar xf), place the spec file in ~/rpmbuild/SPECS and edit the rofi.spec file's Version: line to use the latest version, you can also change the Release: line value to 1. Then download the upstream source, place it in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES and build with rpmbuild -ba rofi.spec from the ~/rpmbuild/SPECS directory. Rofi is a very simple C program that probably will not need any patching in order to get the build to work, at the time of writing it does not (15 October 2018, when the latest version was 1.5.1).

This package is built from the spec file at https://github.com/fusion809/fedora-copr-rofi.

It also includes its own documentation in the form of man pages (rofi(1), rofi-theme(1), rofi-theme-selector(1) and rofi-sensible-terminal(1)), a changelog (/usr/share/doc/rofi/Changelog) and a README (/usr/share/doc/rofi/README.md). rofi(1) is helpful in providing you the basic syntax, I personally have this in my i3 config to launch Rofi when I press Win+d:

rofi -show drun -drun-icon-theme Yosa Max -show-icons

this gives me a a nice application menu:

Installation Instructions


sudo dnf copr enable fusion809/Rofi sudo dnf install rofi

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