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Package Epel 8
babel forked
brotli forked
crypto-utils forked
deltarpm forked
dnf forked
dnf-plugins-core forked
dpkg forked
gaupol forked
gpgme forked
http-parser forked
iso-codes forked
jabberpy forked
libcomps forked
libdb forked
libdb4 forked
libdnf forked
libgsasl forked
libmodulemd1 forked
librepo forked
libsolv forked
libtomcrypt succeeded
libtommath succeeded
libxml2 forked
m2crypto forked
newt forked
perl-DateTime -
perl-HTTP-ProxyAutoConfig forked
perl-LWP-Online forked
perl-Mail-RFC822-Address forked
perl-Module-Implementation -
perl-Net-Jabber forked
perl-Net-LibIDN -
perl-Net-XMPP forked
perl-Newt forked
perl-Params-Validate -
perl-Term-Completion forked
perl-Term-Size -
perl-XML-Stream forked
pycairo -
pyflakes forked
pygobject3 -
pyliblzma forked
pylint forked
pyOpenSSL forked
PyPAM forked
pyparsing forked
pyserial forked
pytest -
python2 -
python2-more-itertools forked
python2-pluggy forked
python2-typing succeeded
python2-unversioned-command -
python3-Cython -
python3-typed_ast succeeded
python-apipkg forked
python-asn1crypto forked
python-astroid forked
python-backports-functools_lru_cache forked
python-bottle forked
python-cffi forked
python-cheetah forked
python-click forked
python-colorama forked
python-configparser forked
python-contextlib2 forked
python-coverage succeeded
python-crypto forked
python-cryptography forked
python-cryptography-vectors forked
python-dateutil forked
python-debian forked
python-dmidecode forked
python-docutils forked
python-docutils-stubs forked
python-elementpath forked
python-enchant forked
python-enum34 forked
python-ethtool forked
python-eventlet -
python-execnet -
python-extras forked
python-filelock forked
python-fixtures forked
python-flake8 -
python-flake8-import-order -
python-flask forked
python-freezegun forked
python-futures forked
python-genshi forked
python-gevent forked
python-gflags forked
python-google-apputils forked
python-greenlet forked
python-gzipstream forked
python-h2 -
python-hpack forked
python-html5lib forked
python-httpbin forked
python-hwdata forked
python-hyperlink -
python-hypothesis forked
python-imagesize forked
python-importlib-resources -
python-iniparse forked
python-ipaddress forked
python-isort forked
python-itsdangerous forked
python-jinja2 forked
python-kitchen -
python-lazy-object-proxy forked
python-linecache2 forked
python-markdown succeeded
python-mccabe forked
python-mimeparse forked
python-monotonic forked
python-more-itertools forked
python-mox forked
python-msgpack forked
python-mypy-extensions forked
python-netaddr forked
python-nose forked
python-packaging forked
python-Pallets-Sphinx-Themes forked
python-path forked
python-pathlib2 forked
python-pep8-naming -
python-pexpect forked
python-pip -
python-pluggy forked
python-ply forked
python-pre-commit forked
python-pretend forked
python-priority -
python-ptyprocess forked
python-pyasn1 forked
python-pycountry forked
python-pycparser forked
python-pycurl forked
python-pygments forked
python-pygments-github-lexers forked
python-pytest-expect forked
python-pytest-fixture-config forked
python-pytest-httpbin -
python-pytest-shutil forked
python-pytest-timeout -
python-pytest-virtualenv forked
python-raven forked
python-redis forked
python-requests -
python-ruamel-yaml forked
python-ruamel-yaml-clib forked
python-scandir forked
python-setuptools -
python-setuptools_git forked
python-setuptools_scm -
python-simplejson forked
python-singledispatch forked
python-six forked
python-snowballstemmer forked
python-sphinx forked
python-sphinxcontrib-actdiag forked
python-sphinxcontrib-applehelp -
python-sphinxcontrib-httpdomain forked
python-sphinxcontrib-log-cabinet forked
python-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml -
python-sphinxcontrib-websupport forked
python-sphinx-issues forked
python-sphinx_rtd_theme forked
python-sphinx-theme-alabaster forked
python-sure forked
python-termcolor forked
python-testscenarios forked
python-testtools forked
python-tidy succeeded
python-traceback2 forked
python-twine -
python-twisted -
python-typed-ast -
python-typing forked
python-typing-extensions forked
python-u-msgpack-python forked
python-unittest2 forked
python-urlgrabber forked
python-virtualenv -
python-vobject forked
python-wcwidth forked
python-webencodings forked
python-werkzeug forked
python-whoosh forked
python-wrapt forked
python-xmlschema -
python-xonsh -
python-xpyb -
python-zipp forked
python-zmq forked
pytz forked
pyxattr -
PyYAML forked
rpm forked
texlive forked
tidy succeeded
translate-toolkit forked
typed-ast -
typing -
yum forked
yum-metadata-parser forked
zstd forked
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