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gtk3-nocsd is a small module that disables Gtk+ 3 client side decorations.

Since Gtk+ 3.10, many GNOME applications have begun using client-side header bars, which combine traditional window manager-provided title bars with client-side menu and tool bars. When used with gnome-shell, header bar applications use less screen space for window controls, and can directly update their own controls. The GNOME project has made project-wide adoption of header bars an official goal.

However, header bar applications can have integration problems with non-GNOME desktop environments: blocking non-gnome shell window manager features like window shading, and presenting an inconsistent UI / look. Unfortunately, Gtk+ 3.20 does not provide an option to turn client side decorations off in these cases. This LD_PRELOADable library (partially) turns them off, reenabling the window manager-provided title bar and window border.

Installation Instructions

gtk3-nocsd will automatically suppress CSDs at X session start when running a non-GNOME environment; GNOME will show CSDs normally.

Administrators can override this default behavior systemwide by editing /etc/X11/Xsession.d/01gtk3-nocsd and changing the following setting - 0 suppresses CSDs, 1 enables them:

export GTK_CSD=[0|1]

Users can add this line to their ~/.xsessionrc .

To install the package:

  • sudo dnf -y copr enable hdfssk/gtk3-nocsd
  • sudo dnf -y install gtk3-nocsd

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