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This is an Xorg input driver for touchpads, with changes to support trackpoint monitoring. Invoke syndaemon with -T ‹devicename› to use both keyboard and trackpoint activity when disabling the touchpad. Running xinput --list |grep -i trackpoint can help find ‹devicename›; the resulting option might look like -T 'TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint'. See man syndaemon for more details.

Although touchpads can be handled by the normal evdev or mouse drivers, this driver allows more advanced features of the touchpad to become available, such as:

  • Movement with adjustable, non-linear acceleration and speed.
  • Button events through short touching of the touchpad (“tapping”).
  • Double-Button events through double short touching of the touchpad.
  • Dragging through short touching and holding down the finger on the touchpad.
  • Middle and right button events on the upper and lower corner of the touchpad.
  • Vertical scrolling (button four and five events) through moving the finger on the right side of the touchpad.
  • The up/down button sends button four/five events.
  • Horizontal scrolling (button six and seven events) through moving the finger on the lower side of the touchpad.
  • The multi-buttons send button four/five events, and six/seven events for horizontal scrolling.
  • Adjustable finger detection.
  • Multifinger taps: two finger for middle button and three finger for right button events. (Needs hardware support. Not all models implement this feature.)
  • Pressure-dependent motion speed.
  • Run-time configuration using shared memory. This means you can change parameter settings without restarting the X server.

Note that depending on the touchpad firmware, some of these features might be available even without using the synaptics driver. Note also that some functions are not available on all touchpad models, because they need support from the touchpad hardware/firmware. (Multifinger taps for example.)

The name “synaptics” is historical and the driver still provides the synaptics protocol parsing code. Under Linux however, the hardware- specifics are handled by the kernel and this driver will work for any touchpad that has a working kernel driver. If your device is recognized as “PS/2 Mouse” or similar, the kernel driver does not support your device and this driver will only provide limited functionality.

Installation Instructions

To install the package:

sudo dnf -y copr enable hdfssk/xorg-x11-drv-synaptics sudo dnf -y install xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-legacy

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