Project ID: 2964

Build Monitor

Package Epel 7
ansible succeeded
augeas succeeded
babeltrace succeeded
calamari-clients succeeded
calamari-server succeeded
ceph succeeded
ceph-ansible succeeded
ceph-deploy succeeded
ceph-iscsi-ansible succeeded
ceph-iscsi-cli succeeded
ceph-iscsi-config succeeded
ceph-iscsi-tools succeeded
ceph-medic succeeded
cephmetrics succeeded
ceph-puppet-modules succeeded
clang succeeded
clang6.0 succeeded
clang7.0 succeeded
clang8.0 succeeded
compiler-rt succeeded
containernetworking-cni succeeded
containernetworking-plugins succeeded
curl succeeded
dtc succeeded
edk2 succeeded
exfat-utils succeeded
file succeeded
freeglut succeeded
fuse-exfat succeeded
glusterd2 succeeded
glusterfs succeeded
glusterfs-coreutils succeeded
gnome-boxes succeeded
gperftools succeeded
hfsplus-tools succeeded
hivex succeeded
ipxe succeeded
kimchi succeeded
kompose succeeded
kubelet succeeded
libcacard succeeded
libclc succeeded
libdrm succeeded
libepoxy succeeded
libglvnd succeeded
libgovirt -
libguestfs succeeded
libguestfs-winsupport succeeded
libnfs succeeded
libomp succeeded
libomxil-bellagio succeeded
libsoup succeeded
libusbx succeeded
libva succeeded
libvirt succeeded
libvirt-dbus succeeded
libvirt-glib succeeded
libvirt-python succeeded
libvirt-sandbox succeeded
llvm succeeded
llvm6.0 succeeded
llvm8.0 succeeded
lttng-tools succeeded
lttng-ust succeeded
lxc succeeded
mesa succeeded
meson succeeded
novnc succeeded
ocaml succeeded
ocaml-calendar succeeded
ocaml-camlp4 succeeded
ocaml-csv succeeded
ocaml-curses succeeded
ocaml-extlib succeeded
ocaml-fileutils succeeded
ocaml-findlib succeeded
ocaml-gettext succeeded
ocaml-libvirt succeeded
ocaml-ocamlbuild succeeded
ocaml-srpm-macros succeeded
ocaml-xml-light succeeded
ocl-icd succeeded
opencl-filesystem succeeded
opendaylight succeeded
osinfo-db succeeded
osinfo-db-tools succeeded
oz succeeded
parted succeeded
phodav succeeded
python3 succeeded
python3-libxml2 succeeded
python-lit succeeded
python-rtslib succeeded
qemu succeeded
qemu-guest-agent succeeded
qemu-kvm-ev succeeded
qemu-sanity-check succeeded
radosgw-agent succeeded
SDL2 succeeded
seabios succeeded
spice succeeded
spice-gtk succeeded
spice-protocol succeeded
spice-vdagent succeeded
supermin succeeded
usbredir succeeded
userspace-rcu succeeded
vinagre succeeded
virglrenderer succeeded
virt-manager succeeded
virt-top succeeded
virt-viewer succeeded
virt-what succeeded
vulkan-headers succeeded
vulkan-loader succeeded
vulkan-tools succeeded
vulkan-validation-layers succeeded
wok succeeded
xen succeeded
xorg-x11-drivers succeeded
xorg-x11-server succeeded
Possible build states:
importing - Package content is being imported into DistGit.
pending - Your build is waiting for a builder.
starting - Trying to acquire and configure builder for task.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.