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Good-looking diffs filter for git

Installation Instructions


Configure git to use diff-so-fancy for all diff output:

git config --global core.pager "diff-so-fancy | less --tabs=4 -RFX"

Improved colors for the highlighted bits

The default Git colors are not optimal. The colors used for the screenshot above were:

git config --global color.ui true git config --global color.diff-highlight.oldNormal "red bold" git config --global color.diff-highlight.oldHighlight "red bold 52" git config --global color.diff-highlight.newNormal "green bold" git config --global color.diff-highlight.newHighlight "green bold 22" git config --global color.diff.meta "11" git config --global color.diff.frag "magenta bold" git config --global color.diff.commit "yellow bold" git config --global color.diff.old "red bold" git config --global color.diff.new "green bold" git config --global color.diff.whitespace "red reverse"



Should the first block of an empty line be colored. (Default: true)

git config --bool --global diff-so-fancy.markEmptyLines false


Simplify git header chunks to a more human readable format. (Default: true)

git config --bool --global diff-so-fancy.changeHunkIndicators false


Should the pesky + or - at line-start be removed. (Default: true)

git config --bool --global diff-so-fancy.stripLeadingSymbols false


By default, the separator for the file header uses Unicode line-drawing characters. If this is causing output errors on your terminal, set this to false to use ASCII characters instead. (Default: true)

git config --bool --global diff-so-fancy.useUnicodeRuler false


By default, the separator for the file header spans the full width of the terminal. Use this setting to set the width of the file header manually.

git config --global diff-so-fancy.rulerWidth 47 # git log's commit header width

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