Project ID: 32222

Build Monitor

Package Epel 8
apache-commons-daemon succeeded
autogen -
automoc succeeded
avahi -
babel succeeded
bitstream-vera-fonts succeeded
bpytop -
bridge-utils succeeded
btrfs-progs succeeded
catdoc succeeded
cde -
clinfo succeeded
clisp -
cmake -
containerd -
cups succeeded
cups-filters succeeded
cx_Oracle succeeded
Cython succeeded
dbus-python succeeded
dis3 succeeded
dnf -
docker-ce -
docker-ce-cli -
docker-ce-selinux -
docker-compose -
docker-compose-bin succeeded
ecj succeeded
filezilla -
firebird succeeded
fox succeeded
freeipa succeeded
future succeeded
gbdfed succeeded
gdal succeeded
GeographicLib succeeded
geos succeeded
geronimo-jaxrpc succeeded
geronimo-osgi-support succeeded
geronimo-saaj succeeded
git succeeded
gnome-shell-extension-openweather succeeded
gnome-shell-extension-topicons-plus succeeded
golang-helm-3 -
golang-storj-uplink -
grass succeeded
grin succeeded
gthumb succeeded
gtksourceview4 succeeded
guacamole-server -
gumbo-parser succeeded
gutenprint succeeded
halibut succeeded
hplip succeeded
imake succeeded
ipa succeeded
javapackages-tools -
jboss-el-2.2-api succeeded
jboss-jsp-2.2-api succeeded
jboss-servlet-3.0-api succeeded
kcachegrind succeeded
libabw succeeded
libbluray succeeded
libcdr succeeded
libcmis succeeded
libdnf -
libdxfrw succeeded
libe-book succeeded
libeot succeeded
libepubgen succeeded
libexttextcat succeeded
libfilezilla -
libfreehand succeeded
libijs succeeded
libixion succeeded
libmspub succeeded
libmwaw succeeded
libnumbertext succeeded
liborcus succeeded
libpagemaker succeeded
libpwquality succeeded
libqxp succeeded
libreoffice -
librepo -
libsmi succeeded
libsolv -
libstaroffice succeeded
libstorj succeeded
libtirpc -
libxml2 succeeded
libzmf succeeded
litehtml succeeded
lpsolve succeeded
mate-terminal succeeded
mbrowse succeeded
mdds succeeded
meld succeeded
memstomp succeeded
meson succeeded
nano succeeded
numlockx succeeded
openjpeg succeeded
pari -
pari-elldata -
pari-galdata -
pari-galpol -
pari-seadata -
perl-constant -
perl-Crypt-SSLeay succeeded
perl-DBD-MySQL -
perl-DBD-SQLite -
perl-DBI -
perl-Exporter -
perl-File-Temp -
perl-parent -
perl-perlfaq -
perl-Pod-Usage -
perl-Socket -
perl-Text-ParseWords -
perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap -
perl-threads -
perl-threads-shared -
perl-version -
perl-XML-Grove succeeded
phonon-qt4 succeeded
poly2tri succeeded
potrace -
protobuf succeeded
putty succeeded
pycairo succeeded
pyflakes succeeded
pygobject3 succeeded
pyinstaller succeeded
PyInstaller succeeded
pyinstaller-hooks-contrib succeeded
pyOpenSSL succeeded
pyparsing succeeded
pyproj succeeded
pyproject-rpm-macros succeeded
PyQt4 succeeded
PyQt-builder succeeded
python39-pytest-asyncio succeeded
python3x-six -
python-altgraph succeeded
python-apipkg succeeded
python-argcomplete succeeded
python-async-generator succeeded
python-betamax succeeded
python-breathe succeeded
python-certifi succeeded
python-click succeeded
python-coverage succeeded
python-cups succeeded
python-cx-Freeze -
python-cx_Freeze succeeded
python-cycler succeeded
python-dateutil succeeded
python-decorator succeeded
python-distro succeeded
python-dmidecode succeeded
python-dns succeeded
python-docker succeeded
python-docker-pycreds succeeded
python-docopt succeeded
python-docutils succeeded
python-dotenv -
python-ecs-logging succeeded
python-editables succeeded
python-elasticsearch8 succeeded
python-elasticsearch-curator succeeded
python-elastic-transport succeeded
python-es_client succeeded
python-execnet succeeded
python-filelock succeeded
python-flake8 succeeded
python-flask succeeded
python-flit-core succeeded
python-freezegun succeeded
python-genshi succeeded
python-geojson succeeded
python-geopy succeeded
python-greenlet succeeded
python-gssapi succeeded
python-hatchling succeeded
python-html5lib succeeded
python-httplib2 succeeded
python-imagesize succeeded
python-importlib-metadata succeeded
python-importlib-resources succeeded
python-itsdangerous succeeded
python-jedi succeeded
python-jinja2 succeeded
python-jwcrypto succeeded
python-jwt succeeded
python-kiwisolver succeeded
python-ldap succeeded
python-lesscpy succeeded
python-markupsafe succeeded
python-matplotlib succeeded
python-mccabe succeeded
python-mock succeeded
python-msal succeeded
python-netaddr succeeded
python-netifaces succeeded
python-nose succeeded
python-ntlm-auth succeeded
python-Office365-REST-Python-Client succeeded
python-olefile succeeded
python-OWSLib succeeded
python-pandas -
python-parso succeeded
python-patchelf failed
python-pathlib2 succeeded
python-pathspec succeeded
python-pbr succeeded
python-pexpect succeeded
python-pillow succeeded
python-ptyprocess succeeded
python-pyasn1 succeeded
python-pycodestyle succeeded
python-pyfakefs succeeded
python-pygments succeeded
python-pytest-cov succeeded
python-pytest-expect succeeded
python-pytest-flake8 succeeded
python-pytest-forked succeeded
python-pytest-runner succeeded
python-pytest-timeout succeeded
python-pytest-xdist succeeded
python-qrcode succeeded
python-qt5 succeeded
python-readthedocs-sphinx-ext succeeded
python-reportlab succeeded
python-requests_ntlm succeeded
python-requests-toolbelt succeeded
python-requests-unixsocket succeeded
python-setuptools_scm succeeded
python-shapely succeeded
python-SharePlum succeeded
python-simplejson succeeded
python-snowballstemmer succeeded
python-sphinx succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-applehelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-devhelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-jsmath succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-qthelp succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml succeeded
python-sphinxcontrib-websupport succeeded
python-sphinx_rtd_theme succeeded
python-sphinx-theme-alabaster succeeded
python-sqlalchemy succeeded
python-sure succeeded
python-tomli succeeded
python-tox-current-env failed
python-u-msgpack-python succeeded
python-unittest2 succeeded
python-urllib3 succeeded
python-voluptuous succeeded
python-waitress succeeded
python-webencodings succeeded
python-websocket-client succeeded
python-werkzeug succeeded
python-whoosh succeeded
python-wxpython4 succeeded
python-xmltodict succeeded
python-yq succeeded
python-yubico succeeded
python-zipp succeeded
pytz succeeded
pyusb succeeded
PyYAML succeeded
qbs succeeded
qca succeeded
qcustomplot succeeded
qgis succeeded
qhexedit2 succeeded
qjson succeeded
qpdf succeeded
qr-code-generator succeeded
qscintilla succeeded
qt succeeded
qt-creator succeeded
qtkeychain succeeded
qt-mobility succeeded
qtwebkit succeeded
qwt succeeded
qwtpolar succeeded
rdesktop succeeded
rdist succeeded
readline -
redhat-rpm-config succeeded
rpmrebuild succeeded
rubygem-fxruby succeeded
rubygem-gserver succeeded
rubygem-iconv succeeded
rubygem-mini_portile2 succeeded
sip succeeded
sip5 succeeded
spatialindex succeeded
sqlitebrowser succeeded
sssd succeeded
system-config-printer succeeded
teckit -
texlive -
tktable succeeded
tomcat succeeded
tomcat-taglibs-parent succeeded
tomcat-taglibs-standard succeeded
ucpp succeeded
udiskie succeeded
waf succeeded
webcore-fonts succeeded
wireshark succeeded
wput succeeded
wsdl4j succeeded
xmlsec1 succeeded
xorgxrdp succeeded
xterm succeeded
Possible build states importing - Package sources are being imported into Copr DistGit.
pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package was skipped, see the reason for each chroot separately.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.