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YES! THIS IS HAPPENING! This is a properly packaged Mycroft, NOW IN FEDORA!


In order not to use venv, the Mycroft executable have been replaced by this "simple" Python script. There are still quite a lot of missing features, but basic service starting/stopping (except for debug mode) is fully supported (with even a foreground mode :D!). Oh, and they will be all, for the sake of simplicity, regrouped into a single executable with subcommands, mycroft!

# Starting everything $ mycroft start all # Stopping everything $ mycroft stop all # Restarting the BUS $ mycroft -r start bus # Starting everything but in foreground $ mycroft --foreground start all


This is an experimental support of mycroft, I tweaked quite a bit mycroft in order to make it "packageable" (see below the tweaks done). But, it should work OOTB (on Silverblue as well), but, due to the complex nature of mycroft, and the fact that it was not made to be "packageable", you might run through some issues. DO NOT ASSUME IT'S A MYCROFT BUG! If you run into any problem, please, report it here (and search if it hasn't been reported yet), or if you don't like GitLab, send me an email!

You might need to remove (or just rename the folder) ~/.mycroft if you had a previous installation!


  • Mycroft executables have been removed, and replaced it with a home-made one that won't use venv (still incomplete though)!
  • Adding a system configuration in order to install skills user-wide not system-wide.
  • Patching the skills installation process to not use venv's pip or sudo's pip, just install it user-wide.
  • Patching pako so it works with DNF and rpm-ostree, patch merged upstream, but not released yet!


  • Complete the rewrite of the Mycroft executables
  • Adding Systemd magic
  • Proper packaging of Mycroft skills (Will require quite a bit of patching)

Installation Instructions


Fedora Workstation:

sudo dnf copr enable lyessaadi/mycroft sudo dnf install mycroft-core

Fedora Silverblue:

sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/lyessaadi-mycroft.repo rpm-ostree install mycroft-core


If you encounter any issue or have any suggestions about the program, go here.

If you encounter any issue or have any suggestions about the spec file and this repo in general, go here.

If you want to see the spec file, to build it or improve it, go here.

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