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This program is a structured notetaking application based on GTK+ 3. Write your notes in instantly-formatted Markdown, organise them in a tree of folders that can be instantly navigated from within the program, and add hand-drawn notes by mouse, touchscreen or digitiser.



I figured it would be nice to have a free-software, platform-independent OneNote. While there is a remarkable number of free (speech or beer) notetaking applications out there, to my best knowledge, none of them simultaneously check the following boxes:

  • note organisation
  • text as a first-class object
  • formatting
  • simple, standard on-disk format
  • tablet input

Usage notes

  • To create a new note, doubleclick a + node in the tree view and enter a name.
  • To create a new folder, doubleclick a + node in the tree view and enter a name ending in /, e.g. new folder/.
  • To edit the default colour palette, right-click a colour picker.
  • Drawings can currently only be deleted whole. (This will be fixed eventually.)
  • Files are saved automatically when the window is closed, or when a different file is opened.
  • The document formatting is mostly based on standard GtkSourceView language and style files. If you want to change colours or syntax highlighting rules, you can edit them in the sourceview/ subfolder.
  • The program loads a custom Gtk+ stylesheet found in data/stylesheet.css. Clear it if parts of the UI look wonky.
  • When copypasting text into other applications, drawings will be automatically converted into data URL PNGs.

Project status

Late alpha. Creating and editing notes and drawing works well enough, but many basic quality-of-life features (such as resizing/moving drawings) are still missing.

Planned features

  • Selecting strokes, moving and transforming selections, etc.
  • Floating figures (so drawings can exist on top of text rather than as blocks that text floats around).
  • LaTeX math using lasem.
  • More Markdown rendering, e.g. actually formatting links, and turning - [ ] syntax into real checkboxes.

Installation Instructions


Fedora Workstation:

sudo dnf copr enable lyessaadi/notekit sudo dnf install notekit

Fedora Silverblue:

sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/lyessaadi-notekit.repo rpm-ostree install notekit


If you encounter any issue or have any suggestions about the program, go here.

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If you want to see the spec file, to build it or improve it, go here.

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