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Automatically select a display configuration based on connected devices

Installation Instructions

Save your current display configuration and setup with:

autorandr --save mobile

Connect an additional display, configure your setup and save it:

autorandr --save docked

Now autorandr can detect which hardware setup is active:

$ autorandr mobile docked (detected)

To automatically reload your setup, just append --change to the command line

To manually load a profile, you can use the --load <profile> option.

autorandr tries to avoid reloading an identical configuration. To force the (re)configuration, apply --force.

To prevent a profile from being loaded, place a script call block in its directory. The script is evaluated before the screen setup is inspected, and in case of it returning a value of 0 the profile is skipped. This can be used to query the status of a docking station you are about to leave.

If no suitable profile can be identified, the current configuration is kept. To change this behaviour and switch to a fallback configuration, specify --default <profile>.

Another script called postswitch can be placed in the directory ~/.config/autorandr (or ~/.autorandr if you have an old installation) as well as in all profile directories: The scripts are executed after a mode switch has taken place and can notify window managers or other applications about it. The same holds for preswitch, which is executed before the switch takes place, and postsave, which is executed after a profile was stored/altered.

All scripts can also be placed in any of the $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS. In addition to the script names themselves, any executables in subdirectories named script_name.d (e.g. postswitch.d) are executed as well. In scripts, some of autorandr's state is exposed as environment variables prefixed with AUTORANDR_. The most useful one is $AUTORANDR_CURRENT_PROFILE.

Active Releases

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