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A patched version of upstream kmscon, which adds xrandr-style output-rotation to its capabilities. Relevant upstream projects for this to work are libtsm and kmscon.

I wrote about the motivation and patch itself on my blog here.

Installation Instructions

Once you downloaded and installed the two binary packages for libtsm (you don't really need the -devel rpm) and kmscon, switch to a VT (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-F2), disable any Xorg or wayland-based desktop-environment (usually sudo systemctl stop gdm) and start kmscon like this:

sudo kmscon --vt 1 --rotate normal --drm --hwaccel --render-engine gltex -t linux --xkb-layout de --xkb-model pc102 --font-name "Ubuntu Mono" --font-size 18

The patch only affects the gltex render-engine. Of course adapt the keyboard-layout, font-name and size to reflect your system. Instead of passing "normal" to the --rotate option, try "inverted" :)

Be sure to read section on the --rotate option of kmscon's man-page (man kmscon).

To betters show off that your console is really running hardware-accelerated via OpenGL, use this:

sudo GALLIUM_HUD_PERIOD=0.1 GALLIUM_HUD=".w320.h200.x1570.y10.d.c1000fps+cpu" kmscon --vt 1 --rotate normal --drm --hwaccel --render-engine gltex -t linux --xkb-layout de --xkb-model pc102 --font-name "Ubuntu Mono" --font-size 18

Login and issue a command like this:

sudo ls -R /

Then watch the frame-rate counter spike up to the the maximum refresh-rate your monitor provides :)

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