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slimpris2 provide MPRIS 2 remote control support for Logitech Media Server, allowing it to be controlled using the user interface integrated into your Linux desktop.

slimpris2 is run in the user session and monitors a local or distant squeezeboxserver.


By default, slimpris2 will auto-discover LMS on the local network. To set a specific host or port, copy the example configuration file /usr/[local]/share/doc/slimpris2/slimpris2.conf to ~/.config/slimpris2/slimpris2.conf.

If you have more than one non-synced player attached to your LMS, youʼll also want to specify the name or MAC address of the particular player you want to control.

Restart your session or slimpris2 after changing slimpris2.conf.

Some examples of compatible remote controls

Installation Instructions

dnf copr enable mavit/slimpris2 dnf install slimpris2

slimpris2 will auto-start each session.

Active Releases

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