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Integration point for new work on the Next Generation OpenShift Origin

Spec file(s) can be found in the official OpenShift Origin github. Feedback and pull requests welcomed.

This copr will be for building and working on getting OpenShift Origin packaging up to par with Fedora Guidelines. The project is under heavy development so there will be a period of time before things settle enough that we can get the package set in Fedora but that is certainly the end goal.

Related to this work is also the Atomic Next COPR which is were a number of components including kubernetes and etcd along with related dependencies built for Fedora Atomic Host are held. End goal will be to have all of these packages in Fedora proper, but for now this is mostly a working space.

For more information:

OpenShift v3 Announcement - Docker, Kubernetes, Atomic, and more.

OpenShift Origin V3 GitHub Repo

Project Atomic, Fedora Atomic Server, and the CentOS Atomic Host SIG, and downstream work being done for EPEL7

Packaging work specific to Kubernetes packaging will be held in a Project Atomic GitHub repo found here.

Packaging work specific to etcd packaging will be held in a Project Atomic GitHub repo found here.

Developers, packagers, testers, et al. can be found in #atomic and #openshift-devel on

(NOTE: Temporarily dropping Fedora builds because we need CentOS-Extras enabled to handle a golang packaging bug in CentOS and upstream OpenShift Origin is currently CentOS7 based)

Installation Instructions


yum install openshift


dnf install openshift

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

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EPEL 7 x86_64 (1305)* EPEL 7 (29879 downloads)

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