Project ID: 41380

Build Monitor

Package Fedora rawhide
am-utils succeeded
apr succeeded
arm-none-eabi-binutils-cs succeeded
arm-none-eabi-gcc-cs failed
arts succeeded
asterisk succeeded
avr-binutils succeeded
avr-gcc succeeded
bacula succeeded
binutils succeeded
bout++ succeeded
cava failed
ceph failed
cloog succeeded
coccinelle succeeded
conserver succeeded
cross-binutils succeeded
cross-gcc failed
cyrus-sasl succeeded
dasher failed
ddccontrol succeeded
diffutils succeeded
dionaea succeeded
elpa succeeded
emacs succeeded
emacs-lookup failed
farstream02 succeeded
fftw failed
firewalld succeeded
FreeSOLID succeeded
frysk succeeded
fswatch succeeded
gbdfed succeeded
gdal succeeded
gdb failed
gdbfed failed
geeqie succeeded
ghdl succeeded
giac succeeded
grep failed
heimdal succeeded
hunspell succeeded
iverilog succeeded
kdebase3 succeeded
kdegames3 succeeded
kdelib3 failed
kdewebdev3 failed
kdnssd-avahi succeeded
kexec-tools succeeded
keybinder succeeded
kguitar succeeded
kita succeeded
koffice-kivio succeeded
ktechlab failed
libcryptui succeeded
libdbusmenu succeeded
libgnome succeeded
libgpod succeeded
libica failed
libidn succeeded
libidn1.34 succeeded
libint failed
libmobi succeeded
libpst failed
libreoffice failed
librtas failed
libservicelog failed
libstatgrab succeeded
libstorj succeeded
libtasn1 succeeded
libtomcrypt succeeded
libvpd failed
libzfcphbaapi failed
lksctp-tools succeeded
log4cpp succeeded
lordsawar failed
lsvpd failed
m4 failed
Macaulay2 succeeded
ming failed
mingw-binutils succeeded
mingw-dbus-glib succeeded
mingw-gcc succeeded
mingw-harfbuzz succeeded
mingw-hidapi succeeded
mingw-hunspell succeeded
mingw-libglade2 succeeded
mingw-physfs succeeded
mpich succeeded
mpsolve succeeded
msitools failed
MUSIC failed
nas failed
ncmpcpp failed
net-snmp succeeded
NetworkManager-ssh succeeded
nfs4-acl-tools succeeded
nsd succeeded
nsntrace succeeded
nx-libs failed
ocaml-curses succeeded
ocaml-dose3 succeeded
ocaml-ocplib-simplex succeeded
ocaml-psmt2-frontend succeeded
ochusha succeeded
openchange succeeded
openldap succeeded
openssl-ibmca failed
orangefs succeeded
ORBit2 succeeded
pacemaker succeeded
paflib failed
partclone failed
pdbg failed
percona-xtrabackup failed
pidgin succeeded
pidgin-sipe succeeded
portaudio succeeded
powerpc-utils failed
ppc64-diag failed
pveclib failed
python-graph-tool failed
raptor succeeded
rawstudio succeeded
rcs succeeded
redland-bindings failed
rkdeveloptool failed
rlog succeeded
sblim-smis-hba succeeded
screen succeeded
SDL_Pango succeeded
servicelog failed
sidc failed
sparkleshare succeeded
spice-vdagent succeeded
srmio succeeded
sssd succeeded
stunnel failed
supertuxkart succeeded
syncevolution succeeded
tnef succeeded
torque succeeded
trafshow failed
ucx failed
ufraw succeeded
vmod-uuid succeeded
whatsup succeeded
wine succeeded
wmweather+ succeeded
xarchiver succeeded
xorg-x11-drv-amdgpu succeeded
xorg-x11-drv-armsoc failed
xorg-x11-drv-ati succeeded
xorg-x11-drv-nouveau failed
zbar succeeded
Possible build states:
importing - Package sources are being imported into Copr DistGit.
pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.