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fast-vm — script for defining VMs from images provided in thin LVM pool

fast-vm provides command-line interface to create virtual machines (VMs) in libvirt, based on imported disks in LVM and XML templates.

Templates of VM disk drives are stored in LVM thinpool LV for space efficiency. Templates for VMs are just libvirt XMLs with few macros from fast-vm. When creating a VM, fast-vm will create new writable LVM snapshot of disk drive, define libvirt VM for it and make a static DHCP reservation for libvirt network on which VM will be. Optionally fast-vm allows to do some customization of disk drive of new machine before starting VM using the 'hack files'.

This repository also contains:

  • (CentOS/RHEL 7) builds of qemu-kvm and seabios with enabled LSI and MEGASAS drivers
  • fast-vm-repo and fast-vm-public-repositories for obtaining fast-vm images from repositories - PREVIEW

Installation Instructions

=== 5-minute Quick Start === Check the videos below on how to:

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