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This is the latest available versions of the Roccat Tools for Linux, packaged up for Fedora. As new revisions of Fedora release, I will update so they are available. Currently the development is on effective hiatus, so the revisions are somewhat old. Whence a new developer takes over development once again, the newly released versions will be updated.

Current versions of the srpms are rebuilds of another developer.

Installation Instructions

To install the tools, you first must know your device. Currently the following devices have support, and to corresponding package:


  • roccat-lua : Roccat Lua userlandtools
  • roccat-arvo : Roccat Arvo userlandtools
  • roccat-isku : Roccat Isku userlandtools
  • roccat-kiro : Roccat Kiro userlandtools
  • roccat-kone : Roccat Kone userlandtools
  • roccat-nyth : Roccat Nyth userlandtools
  • roccat-pyra : Roccat Pyra userlandtools
  • roccat-savu : Roccat Savu userlandtools
  • roccat-sova : Roccat Sova userlandtools
  • roccat-tyon : Roccat Tyon userlandtools
  • roccat-suora : Roccat Suora userlandtools
  • roccat-iskufx : Roccat IskuFX userlandtools
  • roccat-skeltr : Roccat Skeltr userlandtools
  • roccat-ryosmk : Roccat Ryos MK userlandtools
  • roccat-konextd : Roccat KoneXTD userlandtools
  • roccat-koneplus : Roccat Kone[+] userlandtools
  • roccat-kovaplus : Roccat Kova[+] userlandtools
  • roccat-ryostkl : Roccat Ryos TKL userlandtools
  • roccat-konepure : Roccat KonePure userlandtools
  • roccat-kova2016 : Roccat Kova 2016 userlandtools
  • roccat-ryosmkfx : Roccat Ryos MK FX userlandtools
  • roccat-konextdoptical : Roccat KoneXTDOptical userlandtools
  • roccat-konepureoptical : Roccat KonePureOptical userlandtools
  • roccat-konepuremilitary : Roccat KonePureMilitary/Black userlandtools


dnf copr enable peem/roccat-tools dnf refresh dnf install roccat-$DEVICE


Afterwards, any user that you wish to have access to the software (root permissions normally required), can be added to the "roccat" group:

usermod -a -G roccat $USER


To update the firmware on your device, go to the project source forge page ( and download the appropriate firmware file. Then use the Roccat Configuration tool (GNOME3 Applications -> Other -> $NAME Config) and the firmware updater will be able to update via the bin file that you downloaded.

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

Release Architectures Repo Download

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