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The Taskserver is a lightweight, secure server providing multi-user, multi-client access to task data. This allows true syncing between desktop and mobile clients.

Users want task list access from multiple devices running software of differing sophistication levels to synchronize data seamlessly. Synchronization requires the ability to exchange transactions between devices that may not have continuous connectivity, and may not have feature parity.

The Taskserver provides this and builds a framework to go several steps beyond merely synchronizing data.

Installation Instructions

Copy the repofile to /etc/yum.repos.d/ on your your_server and:

# Install taskd from this copr yum install taskd # Generate ca, server and client keys su - taskd cd /etc/pki/taskd ./generate # Set up an organization and user taskd add org ORGNAME --data /var/lib/taskd taskd add user ORGNAME USERNAME --data /var/lib/taskd exit # to bail on the taskd user.

This will print out a key that you need to save. It might look something like this: New user key: b981dda6-8f6d-4610-90f2-a34e593e270f

# Open a firewall port firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-service=taskd # Start taskd systemctl start taskd

On your your_client, install taskwarrior from the Fedora repos as usual. Then, copy down the client certificates that were conveniently generated on your server:

scp your_server:/etc/pki/taskd/client.\*.pem ~/.task/.

Configure your taskwarrior client to talk to your_server. Add the following to your local ~/.taskrc:

taskd.server=your_server:6544 taskd.credentials=ORGNAME/USERNAME/USER_KEY taskd.certificate=/home/USERNAME/.task/client.cert.pem taskd.key=/home/USERNAME/.task/client.key.pem taskd.trust=yes

On your local client, try it out:

task sync initialize task sync

Active Releases

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