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Standard packages from Fedora with some patches applied to support month names in dates in genitive case, as required by some European languages, mostly Slavic but also Greek, Finnish, and few more. Patches from BZ #10871 applied except backward compatibility, otherwise there would be no difference visible except the apps rebuilt from sources against this new glibc. Also it wouldn't be possible to backport to anything older than Fedora Rawhide.

Also includes patches for the following bugs:

  • BZ #20275 - trailing spaces removed in some locale data, mainly weekdays but also other.
  • BZ #21207 - ce_RU: weekdays updated from CLDR.
  • BZ #21217 - some months updated from CLDR-31.

See the bugzilla links and GitHub for more detailed info about what has been changed.

Warning: Fedora 24 does not support ln_CD so the f24 packages do not contain this locale.

There are also other packages changed:

  • util-linux - because cal command line tool had to be updated because of BZ #10871. Other utils not changed.
  • glib2 - bgo749206 - similar changes to glibc's BZ #10871 but ported to GNOME.
  • gnome-calendar - needed some adaptations to use the new features, already reported as bgo780745.

Installation Instructions

Better do it in a virtual machine. Run as root:

dnf copr enable rluzynski/genitive dnf update

This should update glibc and maybe some other packages, you should choose what you want to test. It is reasonable to reboot the machine now.

** Testing **

As a regular user:

date date +"<your favorite date format>" locale -ck LC_TIME cal cal 2017

also try all above with LC_TIME=<your favorite non-default locale>.

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