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GCJ is a portable, optimizing, ahead-of-time compiler for the Java Programming Language. It can compile Java source code to Java bytecode (class files) or directly to native machine code, and Java bytecode to native machine code. Compiled applications are linked with the GCJ runtime, libgcj, which provides the core class libraries, a garbage collector, and a bytecode interpreter. libgcj can dynamically load and interpret class files, resulting in mixed compiled/interpreted applications.

However Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (and thus derivates like CentOS or Scientific Linux) does not provide any GCJ related packages (gcc-java, libgcj and java-gcj-compat) as part of the Linux distribution. Note that these packages are based on the official Source RPMs of RHEL 7, however they do not follow the Fedora Packaging Guidelines and thus are not eligible for Fedora EPEL 7.

Important: There are no new development announcements from GCJ since 2009 and the software is since 2013 in deep maintenance mode only, all software developers using GCJ components as part of their project should consider switching to something else.

Installation Instructions

You need to have yum-plugin-copr installed. Afterwards you can run:

# yum copr enable robert/gcj

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

Release Architectures Repo Download
EPEL 7 x86_64 (5282)* EPEL 7 (33211 downloads)

* Total number of packages downloaded in the last seven days.