Project ID: 26215

Build Monitor

Package Epel 8
acpi succeeded
ansible succeeded
ansible-lint succeeded
bats succeeded
cockpit succeeded
dev86 succeeded
discount succeeded
espeak succeeded
gofer succeeded
gpsd succeeded
grin succeeded
gst-devtools succeeded
gst-editing-services failed
gst-transcoder succeeded
hiredis succeeded
imagefactory succeeded
imagefactory-plugins succeeded
katello-host-tools succeeded
lago succeeded
lago-ovirt succeeded
libesmtp succeeded
libmodbus succeeded
liboping succeeded
libopusenc succeeded
libtomcrypt succeeded
libtommath succeeded
libuv succeeded
libwebsockets succeeded
m2crypto succeeded
makeself succeeded
meld succeeded
mosquitto succeeded
openstack-macros succeeded
opus-tools succeeded
owfs succeeded
oz succeeded
pitivi succeeded
pycairo succeeded
pycanberra succeeded
pylint succeeded
pytest succeeded
python3-typed_ast succeeded
python-ansicolors succeeded
python-astroid succeeded
python-atomicwrites succeeded
python-boto3 succeeded
python-botocore succeeded
python-cheroot succeeded
python-cherrypy succeeded
python-cliff succeeded
python-cmd2 succeeded
python-configparser succeeded
python-contextlib2 succeeded
python-coverage succeeded
python-crypto succeeded
python-cryptography-vectors succeeded
python-daemon succeeded
python-ddt succeeded
python-debtcollector succeeded
python-dulwich succeeded
python-extras succeeded
python-fixtures succeeded
python-flake8 succeeded
python-gitlab succeeded
python-gnupg succeeded
python-gstreamer1 succeeded
python-httmock succeeded
python-importlib-metadata succeeded
python-isort succeeded
python-jaraco-classes succeeded
python-jaraco-functools succeeded
python-jaraco-packaging succeeded
python-lazy-object-proxy succeeded
python-linecache2 succeeded
python-mimeparse succeeded
python-monotonic succeeded
python-more-itertools succeeded
python-nose-testconfig succeeded
python-ntlm-auth succeeded
python-oauth2 succeeded
python-openstackdocstheme succeeded
python-packaging succeeded
python-paramiko succeeded
python-passlib succeeded
python-path succeeded
python-pathspec succeeded
python-pbkdf2 succeeded
python-pluggy succeeded
python-portend succeeded
python-pynacl succeeded
python-pyperclip succeeded
python-pytest-flake8 succeeded
python-pytest-relaxed succeeded
python-requests-mock succeeded
python-requests_ntlm succeeded
python-requests-unixsocket succeeded
python-rst-linker succeeded
python-ruamel-yaml succeeded
python-s3transfer succeeded
python-scp succeeded
python-setuptools_scm succeeded
python-setuptools_scm_git_archive succeeded
python-sh succeeded
python-sphinx-notfound-page succeeded
python-stestr succeeded
python-stevedore succeeded
python-straight-plugin succeeded
python-tempora succeeded
python-testrepository succeeded
python-testresources succeeded
python-testscenarios succeeded
python-testtools succeeded
python-traceback2 succeeded
python-trustme succeeded
python-unicodecsv succeeded
python-unidiff succeeded
python-voluptuous succeeded
python-wcwidth succeeded
python-winrm succeeded
python-wrapt succeeded
python-xmltodict succeeded
python-zc-lockfile succeeded
python-zipp succeeded
pyxattr succeeded
PyYAML succeeded
rebase-helper succeeded
repoman succeeded
rpmconf succeeded
sanlock succeeded
subunit succeeded
throttled succeeded
yamllint succeeded
Possible build states:
importing - Package sources are being imported into Copr DistGit.
pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.