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This repository provides out of the box ModSecurity support for Nginx including OWASP-CRS3.
Simple follow the instructions below and enjoy.
I'll try to hold this repository up to date.

Installation Instructions

dnf install nginx-mod-modsecurity
dnf install nginx-mod-modsecurity-crs

I explicitly excluded nginx reloads so you will have to do it manually.
edit /etc/nginx/modsecurity.d/owasp-modsecurity-crs/crs-setup.conf
for example simple comment SecDefaultAction "phase:1,log,auditlog,pass"
and SecDefaultAction "phase:2,log,auditlog,pass"
and uncomment SecDefaultAction "phase:1,log,auditlog,deny,status:403"
and SecDefaultAction "phase:2,log,auditlog,deny,status:403"

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