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This repository provides a crun built with libkrun support.

Installation Instructions

Enable libkrun, libkrunfw and this repo and install this version of crun (don't worry, it will be installed as /usr/bin/crun-krun, so it can be installed side-by-side with the normal crun package):

dnf copr enable slp/libkrunfw dnf copr enable slp/libkrun dnf copr enable slp/crun-krun dnf install crun-krun

Now you can run VM-isolated containers with podman, by adding --runtime /usr/bin/crun-krun -v /dev/kvm:/dev/kvm --annotation=run.oci.handler=krun --dns-opt "use-vc" to the run command:

podman run --runtime /usr/bin/crun-krun -v /dev/kvm:/dev/kvm --annotation=run.oci.handler=krun --dns-opt "use-vc" --rm -ti fedora

Active Releases

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