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0.14, 0.15, 0.16, 0.17, 18 Dash Core wallet, masternode, full node, and utilities

Dash is Digital Cash - A peer-to-peer, digital money system

Dash (Digital Cash) is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with an emphasis on serving as an efficient platform for payments and decentralized applications. Dash offers a form of money that is portable, inexpensive, divisible and fast. It can be spent securely both online and in-person with negligible transaction fees. Dash offers instant transactions by default (InstantSend), more-fungible transactions (CoinJoin), and operates its network with a model of self-governance and self-funding. This decentralized governance and budgeting system makes it the first-ever successful decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Learn more at www.dash.org.

Further information about Dash:


  • x86_64: Dash Core 0.14+ builds are 64bit only.
  • CentOS/RHEL: Though I successfully built 0.15 to 0.16 to EL8, ongoing builds are problematic. So for now, I only target Fedora.
  • Fedora 30: builds ended as of ~Jun 1, 2020
  • Fedora 31: builds ended as of ~Jan 1, 2021
  • Fedora 32: builds ended as of ~Jun 1, 2021
  • Fedora 33: builds ended as of ~Jan 1, 2022
  • Fedora 34: builds ended as of ~Jun 1, 2022
  • Fedora 35: builds likely end Jan 1, 2023
  • Fedora 36: builds likely end Jun 1, 2023

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Fedora 35 x86_64 (23)* Fedora 35 (19 downloads)
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