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Stockfish — a powerful open-source chess engine

. . . packaged for Fedora and CentOS (OpenSUSE already ships with the latest)

What's a chess engine?
You know when you play a game of chess and choose "Play the computer?" The chess engine is the computer.

Stockfish . . . Stockfish is a free chess engine. It is not a complete chess program, but requires a UCI-compatible graphical user interface (GUI) in order to be used comfortably (e.g. PyChess (which I build for Fedora), Gnome Chess, and many more). Read the documentation for your GUI of choice for information about how to use Stockfish with it. I recommend PyChess.

Stockfish, in recent years, has topped the list of strongest chess engines ever developed. But it can be used by weak players as well, like myself, to learn and analyze or just to have fun playing a game. PyChess, which I keep recommending, allows you to tone down Stockfish's default capability to bludgeon you to death with chess logic. :)

Why does this repository exist?

Stockfish already ships with Fedora and most other Linux distributions, but those vendor-supplied versions—in particular, RedHat/IBM/Fedora versions—are often woefully out of date. Therefore, I offer this build for your own convenience. I make no guarantee that it works as it should. Buyer beware. :) I am in no way affiliated with the developers of Stockfish, but I do thank them and the larger Stockfish community who have made an incredible chess engine possible.

Remember, you don't stand a chance in beating the dated version of Stockfish let alone this newer one, but the gameplay improves regardless. I.e., You don't need this build, but I provide it anyway. Buyer beware. :)

Cheers! -t

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions can be found here: https://github.com/taw00/stockfish-rpm
Report packaging bugs at that same location. Thank you. -t

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