Build Monitor

Package Fedora 36 Fedora rawhide
x86_64 x86_64
0ad failed failed
arbor failed failed
blender succeeded succeeded
bodhi failed failed
bugzilla2fedmsg - -
ceph failed failed
clufter - failed
fail2ban succeeded succeeded
fbthrift failed failed
fedmod - failed
firefox failed failed
h5py succeeded succeeded
ipsilon succeeded failed
jpype failed failed
libreoffice failed failed
llvm succeeded succeeded
mailman3 - failed
module-build-service forked succeeded
obs-service-tar_scm forked succeeded
opentrep succeeded succeeded
pew succeeded succeeded
pgcli - failed
playitagainsam succeeded succeeded
protonvpn-cli succeeded succeeded
pybluez succeeded succeeded
pychromecast succeeded succeeded
pygrib forked succeeded
pyp2rpm succeeded succeeded
python-animatplot failed failed
python-anyjson succeeded failed
python-apprise succeeded succeeded
python-apsw failed failed
python-argh forked failed
python-asyncpg forked succeeded
python-authlib succeeded succeeded
python-azure-mgmt-cdn succeeded succeeded
python-behave failed failed
python-boto3 succeeded succeeded
python-cartopy failed succeeded
python-concurrentloghandler forked failed
python-cryptography failed succeeded
python-dask failed failed
python-deap succeeded succeeded
python-demjson succeeded succeeded
python-elephant succeeded succeeded
python-flake8 succeeded succeeded
python-flask-openid succeeded succeeded
python-flask-script - failed
python-funcparserlib succeeded succeeded
python-gitlab succeeded succeeded
python-google-cloud-storage succeeded succeeded
python-healpy succeeded succeeded
python-hypothesis succeeded succeeded
python-invoke succeeded succeeded
python-iso3166 succeeded succeeded
python-jsmin succeeded succeeded
python-libNeuroML forked succeeded
python-libusb1 succeeded succeeded
python-lsp-server succeeded succeeded
python-mailer failed failed
python-marathon succeeded succeeded
python-MDAnalysis - -
python-molten - failed
python-nikola succeeded succeeded
python-nose succeeded succeeded
python-nose-cover3 failed failed
python-opentelemetry succeeded succeeded
python-parse_type forked succeeded
python-parso succeeded succeeded
python-pocketlint succeeded succeeded
python-podman succeeded succeeded
python-productivity forked failed
python-proteus failed failed
python-pyghmi failed failed
python-pypng succeeded succeeded
python-pysam succeeded failed
python-pyshtools - failed
python-pyside2 succeeded failed
python-relatorio succeeded succeeded
python-rnc2rng succeeded succeeded
python-rpi-gpio - failed
python-seaborn succeeded succeeded
python-simpleeval succeeded succeeded
python-speaklater succeeded succeeded
python-sphinx succeeded succeeded
python-sphinx-bootstrap-theme succeeded succeeded
python-sphinxtesters succeeded succeeded
python-spyking-circus forked failed
python-steps failed failed
python-suds succeeded succeeded
python-tables succeeded succeeded
python-tempita succeeded succeeded
python-typeguard forked succeeded
python-vatnumber failed failed
python-xunitparser succeeded succeeded
pyxattr failed failed
root succeeded failed
rpmlint succeeded succeeded
scipy succeeded succeeded
spectrographic forked succeeded
sympy succeeded succeeded
trytond failed failed
trytond-account failed failed
trytond-account-be failed failed
trytond-account-de-skr03 failed failed
trytond-account-invoice failed failed
trytond-account-invoice-history failed failed
trytond-account-invoice-line-standalone failed failed
trytond-account-product failed failed
trytond-account-statement failed failed
trytond-account-stock-anglo-saxon failed failed
trytond-account-stock-continental failed failed
trytond-analytic-account failed failed
trytond-analytic-invoice failed failed
trytond-analytic-purchase failed failed
trytond-analytic-sale failed failed
trytond-company failed failed
trytond-company-work-time failed failed
trytond-country failed failed
trytond-currency failed failed
trytond-dashboard failed failed
trytond-google-maps failed failed
trytond-ldap-authentication failed failed
trytond-party failed failed
trytond-party-siret failed failed
trytond-product failed failed
trytond-product-cost-fifo failed failed
trytond-product-cost-history failed failed
trytond-product-price-list failed failed
trytond-project failed failed
trytond-project-plan failed failed
trytond-project-revenue failed failed
trytond-purchase failed failed
trytond-purchase-invoice-line-standalone failed failed
trytond-sale failed failed
trytond-sale-opportunity failed failed
trytond-sale-price-list failed failed
trytond-stock failed failed
trytond-stock-forecast failed failed
trytond-stock-inventory-location failed failed
trytond-stock-location-sequence failed failed
trytond-stock-product-location failed failed
trytond-stock-supply failed failed
trytond-stock-supply-day failed failed
trytond-timesheet failed failed
uhd succeeded succeeded
waiverdb - failed
Possible build states:
importing - Package sources are being imported into Copr DistGit.
pending - Build is waiting in queue for a backend worker.
starting - Backend worker is trying to acquire a builder machine.
running - Build in progress.
succeeded - Successfully built.
forked - Build has been forked from another build.
skipped - This package has already been built previously.
failed - Build failed. See logs for more details.
canceled - The build has been cancelled manually.
waiting - Task is waiting for something else to finish.