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DevAssistant can help you set up your developing environment, publish your code, and do many of the chores that somehow keep you from the important stuff - writing your software. It does not matter if you only recently discovered the world of software development, or if you have been coding for two decades, there's always something DevAssistant can do to make your life easier.

Installation Instructions

This is an optional repository for DevAssistant version 0.10.0 and newer for Fedora 21 and Rawhide. After enabling this repo, you can install the package devassistant, which will bring in all the necessary dependencies.

If you want only the command-line interface, or the GUI, you can install only devassistant-cli or devassistant-gui, respectively. The main devassistant package installs both.

This repository is currently not stable, use at your own risk.

Active Releases

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