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FLIF, FUIF and BPG image format plugins for Qt4:

For Qt5:

BPG stands for Better Portable Graphics,
FLIF stands for Free Lossless Image Format and
FUIF stands for Free Universal Image Format - all these are very interesting formats.

Also here you can find Qt plugins for other formats:

High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) is quite popular format on many platforms - Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android,
but it's somewhat under-represented in Desktop Linux'es.
The package contains all that is necessary for KDE5 integration, so KDE5 programs (e.g. Gwenview) can use the plugin immediately after plugin installation.

Progressive Graphics File (PGF) format is a bit older and maybe less known, but it's pretty interesting one too - it tries to outperform JPEG2000 at encoding/decoding speed providing the same quality and does it well. It's lossless and based on wavelets like JPEG2000.

Installation Instructions

Use dnf to install packages.
Qt4 and Qt5 programs will use these plugins automatically.

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