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kernel with linux-tkg patches by TK-Glitch and kernel_compiler_patch by graksy2

Please see original project whitehara/kernel-tkg

And also enabled some CONFIGs.

CAUTION!: This kernel may only work on AMD Zen2+ architecture.

# For adding schedulers CONFIG_MQ_IOSCHED_KYBER=y CONFIG_IOSCHED_BFQ=y ## For tkg (default) CONFIG_ZENIFY=y CONFIG_USER_NS_UNPRIVILEGED=y CONFIG_WINESYNC=y ## For CPU scheduler (BFQ is enabled until 6.5. EEVDF, the default CPU scheduler since 6.6, is enabled since 6.6) CONFIG_SCHED_ALT=y CONFIG_SCHED_BMQ=y ## for BBR2 CONFIG_TCP_CONG_BBR2=m CONFIG_DEFAULT_BBR2=n ## for OpenRGB CONFIG_I2C_NCT6775=m # for AMD ZEN2 CPU optimization CONFIG_MZEN2=y # CONFIG_GENERIC_CPU is not set # CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE is not set CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_PERFORMANCE=y # For getting the kernel config CONFIG_IKCONFIG=y CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y # for preemptive kernel # CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY is not set CONFIG_PREEMPT=y ## for bcachefs from 6.3.5 (Not enabled some 6.4 versions.) CONFIG_BCACHEFS_FS=m CONFIG_BCACHEFS_QUOTA=y CONFIG_BCACHEFS_POSIX_ACL=y

Installation Instructions

Install repo

sudo dnf copr enable whitehara/kernel-tkg-zen2-preempt

Install package from repo

sudo dnf install kernel-6.1.8-200_tkg_zen2_preempt.fc37

This command will install kernel, kernel-core and kernel-modules. Of course, you can select different packages as you want.

Active Releases

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Release Architectures Repo Download
Fedora 37 x86_64 (173)* Fedora 37 (16 downloads)
Fedora 38 x86_64 (706)* Fedora 38 (52 downloads)
Fedora 39 x86_64 (40)* Fedora 39 (5 downloads)

* Total number of packages downloaded in the last seven days.

Quick Enable

#> dnf copr enable whitehara/kernel-tkg-zen2-preempt
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