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Fedora's stock grub2 packages with http://grub.johnlane.ie patches added.

Plagiarized from the above site:


  1. Plain DMCrypt

This example assumes the default cipher and passphrase hash. These defaults are the same as the ones in cryptsetup: aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 and ripemd160 passphrase hash.

insmod cryptodisk cryptomount -p hd1,1
  1. Plain DMCrypt access to LUKS volume

This example opens a LUKS volume using plain DMCrypt. The volume master key is read from a file and the LUKS cipher and payload offset details are supplied as parameters.

insmod cryptodisk cryptomount -p -k (hd0,1)/keyfile -K 256 -c aes-xts-plain64 -o 4096 hd1,1
  1. LUKS

This example opens a LUKS voume and is the only method supported by upstream Grub.

insmod luks cryptomount hd1,1

The device may alternatively be specified using the UUID contained in the LUKS header.

cryptomount -u af4b9159-8cbb-4122-b801-0c18adf26b3e
  1. LUKS with detached header

This example opens a LUKS volume using a detached LUKS header.

insmod luks cryptomount -H (hd0,1)/header hd1,1
  1. LUKS with detached header and key file
insmod luks cryptomount -H (hd0,1)/header -k (hd0,1)/keyfile hd1,1
  1. LUKS with a 50 character passphrase embedded 30 bytes into key file.
insmod luks cryptomount -k (hd0,1)/keyfile -O 30 -S 50 hd1,1

Installation Instructions

sudo dnf copr enable xenithorb/grub2-crypto-enhance

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