Repository with the latest(ish) systemd packaged for RHEL 7 / Centos 7.

This repository is for testing purposes only and is not supported in any way.



  • taken from rhscl-2.2-httpd24-rhel-7
  • slightly modified not to build or require libnghttp2-specific stuff


  • taken from fedora 26 (master, commit 3d940d4e8372094b837a69f2ac5ca2e15422ec9b)
  • built with the following removed to remove conflicts with sysvinit-tools:
    • {_bindir}/last
    • {_bindir}/mesg
    • {_bindir}/wall
    • {_mandir}/man1/last.1*
    • {_mandir}/man1/mesg.1*
    • {_mandir}/man1/wall.1*


  • taken from fedora 26 (master, commit b19fedc68988350e1529155cecac701cd0299a85)
  • built without modifications


  • taken from fedora 26 (master, commit ae15b116238578e5b70be483ce99d57357b19b39)
  • built without modifications


  • v231, original spec and patches taken from
  • modifications:
    • removed facebook-specific compile options
    • removed python3 requirements
    • added systemd-sysv
    • disabled xkbcommon
    • patched to compile against lz4 correctly


  • taken from fedora 26 (master, commit 87ccb30ab59ffd4015de6ca4a0eb3390c57f491a)
  • modified not to build or require python3-specific stuff
  • has to be built after systemd
  • provides systemd-python to make updating from systemd-219 easy

Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure to edit /etc/selinux/config and put SELinux to permissive before you update, otherwise your system will not boot anymore!
  2. # wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jsynacek-systemd-centos-7.repo
  3. # yum update systemd
  4. Reboot.

Active Releases

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EPEL 7 x86_64 (6638367)* EPEL 7 (43077 downloads)

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#> dnf copr enable jsynacek/systemd-backports-for-centos-7
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