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A unstable (rc) Megi's kernel for PinePhone Pro (and experimental PinePhone) support, but merged with Fedora kernel infrastructure and with patches towards eg25-manager support.

You will require an UEFI-compatible partition layout (along with grub, shim, grubby). For example one of those:

  • A ready image:
  • OSBuild for building the image:

Alternative kernels for UEFI images (all are based on Fedora kernel, so anything that works on Fedora, eg. virtualization, containers, nftables, should work with those as well):

  • mobianpppfdr - contains a Mobian kernel for PPP. It is generally a conservative set of patches that works stable.
  • megieg25m-stable - contains a stable Megi kernel (with patches needed to support eg25-manager) which may support PP in addition to PPP. Aims to support all the hardware.
  • megieg25m - contains an unstable Megi kernel (with patches needed to support eg25-manager) which may support PP in addition to PPP. Aims to support all the hardware. Those images may not work.
  • javierm's cross-distro kernel - contains a minimal set of patches in process of upstreaming needed to support PPP

Source: branch megieg25m on

Those images are provided on a best-effort basis, but there's no guarantee provided that they will work. See also: Fedora Mobility SIG

Installation Instructions

In order to ensure, that you don't accidentally upgrade to an upstream kernel (which doesn't work on PinePhone Pro as of now), edit /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-rawhide.repo or /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo and in [rawhide] or [fedora] section add:


Now, execute the following commands:

dnf copr enable marcin/kernel-efi-megieg25m dnf install kernel{-core,-modules{,-extra,-internal},}-5.19.0-0.rc6.972a278fe60c.52.megieg25m.fc$(rpm -E %fedora) dnf copr disable marcin/kernel-efi-megieg25m

For modem support you will require eg25-manager.

If you use Tow-Boot (or any non-Fedora U-Boot), ensure to \cp -a /boot/dtb/ /boot/efi/ after each kernel installation, otherwise you will use Tow-Boot's device tree, which may be outdated and cause certain hardware support to be missing.

Warning: this repository may contain non-ordered kernel versions. It is recommended to take extra care when dealing with it. Also in general it's very likely, that those kernels won't really work, so it's recommended to use this repository only for testing, for anything "production-like", you can use megieg25m-stable.

Active Releases

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