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Project ID: 46761

Package: cross-unknown-elf-picolibc

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Build ID Package Version Submitted Build Time Status
4805939 1.7.8-20220826.1.git569e2895 3 months ago 11 minutes succeeded
4835696 1.7.8-20220912.0.git95b1921f 2 months ago 12 minutes succeeded
4866342 1.7.8-20220915.0.git5c5f2a2e 2 months ago 22 minutes succeeded
4887285 1.7.8-20221003.0.git42227583 2 months ago 19 minutes succeeded
4962526 1.7.9-20221019.0.git8a98d4d6 a month ago 31 minutes succeeded
4994465 1.7.9-20221025.0.git3cbe38c7 a month ago an hour succeeded
5018009 1.7.9-20221101.0.gitd1bf7cdb a month ago 33 minutes succeeded
5034127 1.7.9-20221111.0.git2714be4a 23 days ago 54 minutes succeeded
5048276 1.7.9-20221118.0.gitc9296499 16 days ago an hour succeeded
5070851 1.7.9-20221124.0.gitcad214cd 8 days ago 31 minutes succeeded

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